My work is primarily concerned with the theories of abjection and the monstrous feminine, my practice seeking to examine the relationship between the prior and the role they inhabit in forming the archetype of the ‘monstrous woman’ or ‘femme castratrice’.


Interested in this relationship between the monstrous feminine and the abject female body, I seek to investigate how my female body, female sexuality, and feminine sexual behaviour transgresses conventional gender roles and societal and cultural expectations on acceptable conduct and presentation of oneself.


As a means of investigation, I gather influence from my own personal lived experience of womanhood and the abject behaviours and processes required to make my body function. My practice takes the form of painting, sculpture and installation, the main objective of which is to produce objects which inspire feelings of bodily horror and abjection, whilst subverting the viewers understanding of the materiality and origins of the imagery being presented to them.


Visually my practice deals with depictions of the deconstructed female form, this reduction in pictorial representation allows the focus of the work to be on using the sculptural and physical qualities of the object to represent an inherently female presence.


Aesthetically, my work is inspired by craft ‘bad-ness’, DIY techniques, craft processes and low culture mass produced TAT. Choosing deliberately garish, ugly and kitsch materials is a play on the abject nature of such objects when considered in the context of typical fine art institutions. Interested in the grotesque nature of the low culture object, I like to push the expectations of these to the excessive.



Photography by Paul Marshall 

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